• Christy Mitchell, Esthetician

Want to See Optimal Change?

When clients ask me what I think is the best serum, I now reach for AnteAge.

Bone Marrow stem cells have long been touted as a Powerful Growth Factor that can engage in skin repair. All skin aging and damage is a form of inflammation, growth factors and cytokines can help dramatically reduce the inflammation, thus healing from within.

With time, our skin loses the ability to repair the daily damage it receives. We can help! With the aid of powerful medical grade skin care products and treatments, we can be any age but not have to look our age.

There are 2 different ways of delivery systems into the skin for rejuvenation.

  1. An in office professional micro-channeling treatment that perforates the skin, to aid in resurfacing, remodeling and rebuilding the skin- this can help remove sun spots, aged skin, laxity in the skin, dull appearance of the skin, acne scarring and more (at this time introducing Ante Age microneedling solutions is extremely beneficial).

  2. At home stamping. The purpose of this at home treatment between office visits is to gently break the skin so the growth factors and cytokines can reach the deeper layers of skin. AnteAge has a fantastic at home system for this available in our office. Your skin works hard every day!! Let’s give it a helping hand with staying beautiful and youthful. 😌

Call or Text to make your appointment for your Anti-Aging beauty restoring treatment with Christy (340) 690-5233

Call and make your appointment for your next Anti-Aging, beauty restoring treatment with Christy (340) 690-5233

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