I provide a highly professional, clean and private environment that is calming, inviting and very relaxing.  You can expect BEST results and little to no discomfort due to superb waxing skills and ALL NATURAL Pina Colada & Pumpkin Pie hard wax.  Both waxes are very gentle low temperature bee based wax that works on ALL hair types (fine, thick, course, curly & peachy).


Expert Brow Shaping and Certified for Brazilian Waxing.  And . . . . . . 


I'm super clean, no double-dipping EVER, and I always wear gloves.

Less Redness, Less Reaction, & Less Pain!




Eyebrows       $35 - $50                       Brazilian      $70


Bikini               $45                                Under Arm    $25


Upper Lip       $10                                 Chin      $10


Brow Maintenance     $25                    Full Face   $50








We all think that our eyebrows should be perfect.  Did you know that they are both very different.  Just remember that your brows are "sisters" not "twins".  (●'◡'●)